Sickle Cell Equity

Vision Statement

Sickle Cell Equity California

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to build an effective statewide coalition of clinicians, community, and stakeholders to educate, equip, and empower Californians about Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell Trait, and other blood disorders.

The Team

Community Workgroup

Our group focuses on increasing opportunities for community-based and advocacy stakeholders in California to identify and prioritize public health activities related to SCD and outreach, education, advocacy and community needs. This work is being done in collaboration with the creation and implementation of the CA State Action Plan; to share, coordinate, and collaborate on ongoing activities.
team community nedina brocks capla 200x200

NeDina Brocks-Capla
President, Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of San Francisco

Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of San Francisco

Policy Workgroup

Our group focuses on identifying and promoting the implementation of federal and state policies that should be pursued that could improve: 1) early identification and follow up of Californians with sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait, and 2) health care delivery for Californians with SCD. Policy areas include those that promote building workforce, improving reimbursement, enhancing surveillance, strengthening sickle cell as a priority within existing state and federal programs and promoting standards for expert Sickle Cell Centers.
team policy marsha treadwell 600x600

Marsha Treadwell, PhD
Director, Northern California, Network of Care for Sickle Cell Disease

Co-Principal Investigator and Regional Director, Pacific Sickle Cell Regional Collaborative

team policy judith r baker 600x600

Judith Baker, DrPh, MHSA
Public Health Director, Center for Inherited Blood Disorders

Policy Director, Pacific Sickle Cell Regional Collaborative

Tran Le

Tran Le
Grants & Program Coordinator


Clinical Workgroup

The Clinical Needs Workgroup is a collaboration among healthcare providers and SCD advocates with the aim of identifying feasible solutions to the medical needs of those living with this disease. Access to care, workforce development, provider training, clinical treatment, and outside factors impacting care (such as transportation and housing needs) are all addressed as critical needs in this group.
team clinical susan paulukonis 600x600

Susan Paulukonis, MA, MPH
Program Director, Tracking California

Principal Investigator, California Sickle Cell Data Collection Program

team clinical ted wun

Theodore Wun, M.D., FACP
Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine

Director of the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center

Chief, Division of Hematology and Oncology

team clinical shalini vora 300x200

Shalini Vora, MPH
Director of Grants Administration